Camino Packing List

30-45L backpack Rain poncho OR pack cover Hiking poles
Ultralight sleeping bag Silk sleeping bag liner Ear plugs/Eye mask
Convertible pants

OR Skirt/leggings

Light merino wool pullover Light synthetic pullover
Sun blocking shirt Merino OR fleece warm top Loose dress/nightwear
Tank top (?) Underpants (3) Bras (2)
Wool socks (2-3), toe socks (2-3) Neck scarf OR bandana OR


Sun hat with brim
Gloves Belt Sunglasses
Warm puffy jacket/fleece Hard shell jacket
Hiking shoes/trail runners

OR Hiking sandals

Indoor sandals Gaiters
Food and Water
Water bottle/bladder Collapsible bottle Eating utensil OR Spork
Safety/First Aid
Headlamp or flashlight Whistle Duct tape (on poles)
Prescription meds First aid kit (BandAids®, roll of tape, bandages, compression

pads, moleskin, scissors)

Anti-bacterial cream/liquid
Needle/thread for blisters Feminine minipads (foot care) Ibuprofen cream
Pain relief tablets (Advil) Antacid tablets Electrolyte hydration tablets
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss Hair/body/laundry soap Hair brush/comb
Face/body moisturizer Deodorant Sunscreen
UV blocking lip balm Foot cream
Body towel/sarong, facecloth Razor Nail clippers
Travel Essentials
Fanny pack/money pouch/belt Passport Credencial (pilgrim passport)
Photo ID (driver’s license) Health Insurance card Travel insurance numbers
Flight itinerary, tickets Cash, credit/debit cards Print/online document backups
Phone & charger Travel adapter Power bank
Safety pins Mesh laundry bag Day pack
Camino guidebook Spanish phrase book Journal/pen/pencil
Items of spiritual significance

(rock, ribbon)

Sewing repair kit
Camera & case Battery/charger/adapter Travel umbrella
Swiss Army knife/corkscrew Travel mug Toilet paper/doggy poop bags
What NOT to Bring
Sleeping pad Tent/Camping gear Water purifier
Hair dryer, curling iron, electric


Lots of makeup, perfumes,


Full size bottles of shampoo,

conditioner, shower gel

Heavy reading material Heavy, expensive camera iPod

Helen Lee Robertson                                                                                                                                               Dated February 2019