Calgary Chapter

Canadian Company of Pilgrims

Our pilgrim group is dedicated to providing a forum for pilgrims to share Camino experiences and to assist those preparing to undertake the pilgrim trail.

Camino 101

Camino 101 is annual event for the Calgary Chapter and is usually held in February. It was designed to assist new pilgrims who plan to walk the Camino in the current or following year.

Hospitalero Training in Calgary!

A New training session in November 2023. Register by June 30, 2023.

Pilgrim Gatherings

The Calgary Chapter holds Spring and Fall Gatherings that are open to everyone interested in the Camino de Santiago and pilgrimage.

Restaurant and Film Nights

Events such as films and restaurant evenings are organized by our Chapter from time to time.

St. James Day

The Calgary Chapter hosts St James Day every year on a Sunday close to July 25, the Feast of St James.


Members of our pilgrim group will, on occasion, provide talks to the Calgary community.


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