Hospitalero Training in Calgary!

Perhaps during your Camino you were struck by the hospitality you received from hospitalero volunteers who run donativo (donation based) albergues or gites. If you have been considering giving something back to other pilgrims and would like to become such a volunteer

The Calgary Chapter, Company of Pilgrims is offering the required hospitalero course to allow you to volunteer your services in donativo albergues on caminos in Spain, France or Italy.

Covid restrictions permitting, a hospitalero course will be made available again this year in Calgary to a small group of interested participants on November 18th and 19th 2023. Sessions are provided by experienced local hospitaleros over a two day period: they require active participation and are fun. The course consists of practical information and useful exercises to build up confidence and expertise!

If you are interested in becoming a hospitalero and would like to take the course this year please contact Monique Rigole: by June 30th 2023. Monique will then provide you necessary information to complete the course application.

Monique Rigole

Calgary Hospitalero Coordinator